06/19/15 – Rocore announces acquisition of CTI Industries.

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Rocore is pleased to announce that is has completed the acquisition of CTI Industries, based in Orange, CT, USA, with additional operations in the UAE. CTI Industries specializes in rapid response service and repair work servicing Refineries, Power Stations, Chemical Plants, and other Industries around the world. The business has a unique and effective set of processes that allow for the repair and recovery of “large” Tube Bundle and Shell & Tube industrial heat exchangers . The customer base served by CTI includes many of the global oil refining companies, including Shell, BP, Chevron, and Exxon-mobile, and others. CTI’s proprietary Tube-Liner solutions solve many of the internal erosion/corrosion concerns related to heat-exchanger application in these environments and with these mediums, significantly extending the service life of heat-exchangers for these applications where up-time is paramount. For more information on Rocore, please visit us at Rocore.com.