CTI Industries has extensive expertise in providing solutions to Refining operations. CTI Industries manufactures the leading condenser and heat exchanger restoration system in the world for heat exchanger repair and life extension. Our Shield/Seals™ and Full-Length tube Liners have been used to restore both previously damaged heat exchanger equipment and provide long-term reliability on new equipment alloy upgrades.

  • We currently have over eight million shields and liners in service, with many of these in Refining heat exchanger applications.
  • Our products and services are available in a multitude of materials based on the applications metallurgical requirements, from “A” (Admiralty Brass) to “Z” (Zirconium).
  • We have extended service life for many heat exchanger types in the refining process, including Gas Coolers, Overhead, Dehexanizers, Crude Tower Coolers, Amine Coolers, Benzene Coolers, and many more.
CTI is experienced and qualified to provide repair services In-situ.


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